I'm Not The One (ialive remix)


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Original version released on Approaching Land, available now.


Breathing heavily, feeling
That all these walls are closing in and I'm kissing the ceiling
Clenching fists, I'm receding
Into something deceiving
Been try'na steady out my balance, just can't help careening
I can tell that you're seething
I can tell that you mean it
And I can tell I'm all too close to the end of the scene, it's
An unsettling sequence
At least that's how I see it
Unsure the reasoning behind how sudden the grievance
I'm a lover but peep, it
Isn't always the scenic
Route you want to believe that it would be
The one you'd frequent
So unfortunately, it wasn't what you were perceiving
Now the gravy is cold, MIA are the peaches
And from here, the road isn't roses, but y'know, so be it
It might unfold that it's more open and holding the secrets
You were hoping to hone in on when the focus depleted
Riding solo and letting go was just what was needed..

I knew it, you knew it too

I mean, real talk:
The good times?
The ones that we had?
They got me weak-kneed and wanting more
Or maybe
I'm pining for a time when it was all
Free of this negative energy and venemous drawl
I mean, wasn't it once?
Shit, I seem to recall
Floating above the clouds, never thinking we'd fall
But then the rain, oh the rain, it would come
And the game, it would change when it came in the form of a flood
Searching for buoyancy, searching for clarity
Searching for all of it, searching for everything
And I'm assuming you know that I find it, lose it
Defiant and diving smoothly in current I'm coming up on
Burning all of these bridges, saving a few planks
It's apparent I have a problem, a problem I can't shake
Stick a stake in this half-truth devil, I'm done...


released June 25, 2019
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by ialive


all rights reserved