The Ooze


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Everybody's moving on to a different plane With a host of new faces to greet 'em along the way And i watch it, watch them with little regard To the ones that been enriching my life, playing a part In my evolution to a better being, see A lot of times i don't want to be me But I'm gradually overcoming the nastiness of that Ad-infinitum wishing I could don a different hat Boy what a shame, that kind of thinking is shrewd And detrimental to my health, left feeling a fool But these days, it seems more than ever It is oh so easy to fall prey to it, really ought to just Refrain from finding contentment in other skin and just Retrain my mind and what love I have within, while I'm Keeping a keen eye on previous trend Hoping to steer wide and never fall victim again It's just a little thing But it's so big to me Every waking day Every waking day It's just a little thing But it's so big to me And it won't go away No, it won't go away I've let a monitor dictate, my mood, it's a no-go It's stunting my growth yet it says that I'm social? Though when i look at the bigger picture, it seems I dismiss the panorama for the flicker of a screen I mean, damn, I gotta get out more 'Cause indoors, I expose myself to a downpour All for nothing important While these outside sources are doing their best to distort my orbit ..and so it's here I'll breathe Thin air, time disappear 'round me I am just a voyeur Watching friendships fizzle, not doing a damn thing to avoid it Sickening, I've got to destroy this Outdated model that has left me voiceless One day I will, and the weight'll be gone But some songs, they don't give way to resolve...
Growin' up in the Yak? I was blowin' reggies Me, Heem & Mike -- Mike had the new Chevy Heem had the van, I was in the Honda I worked at the Palace, I lived with my momma Eesha like the Lakers, Heem fuck w/ Kobe My nigga was T-Mac, no one liked Ginobli I felt like the mack -- yeah, the macaroni Now I got my SESAC, corporate don't control me I come from the Yak, where I lost my homies And they won't be back, that burns a hole below me Prisons filled with younger men, who'll never be young again Cops shot a thug again, another plot is dug again We are refugees, who dress like kings And talk like jesters and die from greed Basketballs bounce like deadbeats Bloods with red sheets I feel like I'm dead meat, I can't stay off this red meat Du it used to mean so much to me.. Touching down in my old town Where I grew up, introduced to the buddha Spending most of the moolah on halluci- nogenics, after first love turned into first one I made a muse of It's where I started piecing this together from leaflets Not vibing with the lessons, rhymes be the obsession Lunchtime, pavilion sessions and my, peers they be tripping All kinds of pills are sniffed alongside ignorant shit I Partook in too much, got to imagine growth was stunted But you couldn't tell me shit, especially when when I was blunted And I could never understand Why you shouldn't fit 9 bodies in a standard sedan 3 in front, 4 in back, 2 in the trunk Trunk double as a clam bake, nugs and bag shake The routine was poutine, gravy But peep it: I've been calling it my old town for a reason..
All too often i speak fast
 enough To let you know I said some stuff But too quick for that shit to last I ramble, knowing time is fleeting
 But I oughta breathe a bit Enjoy the moment 'fore it's passed 
Keep it calm and keep it cool, I keep on causing
 So much pain to ones I love, what's up with that?
 Now I'm doing all I can To make amends
 and reconfirm I'm worth believing in again
 Had my head up to the sky 
Heart on the cutting room floor 
And all these people wonder why
 I lost sight of it all 
 It's a struggle 
Said it's a struggle for the one that's known to bungle Sabotage the comfort-able
 No religion, but I pray to get my head above the rubble, oh.. Could have had 
Could have been
 Could have that
 Could have this Should have had 
Should have been
 Should have that
 Should have this
 Coulda, Shoulda
But I can't And I won't... Bunny ears, middle name, spin a bit, mosh pit Self-proclaimed queen but, only of the awkwardness I am not comfy though, this ain't why I'm on the road Only came to spread the word and rhyme in front of.. Whoever wanted what we give Must've struck a chord, with the aforementioned Now this sitch has got me Stressing Out A little bit too much I mean, it seems I've seen her face in a dream, but shucks Smoke sauna got me all cloudy PBR dry got me drowsy Leaving what's left of my sense lousy Yo, it better prevail, I'm in no place to derail Something like 48 hours in a fortnight trail? Eyyo I gotta calm down and get a hold of myself Heat of the moment opening something I'd rather conceal It's evil tugging at my collar, gotta catch my breath Before she swoops on in, trying to take what's left Slick floor, confetti, not a bittie, but dig it: What was seemingly innocent, it became something diff'rent It's a shame that I feel this incessant need to please I can't restrain even when it's gonna hurt me Leaving me estranged -- deservedly so, man Shit is fucking insane, but my problem and my problem alone She was realer than me, and she was reeling me in I sorta felt like a fool, when I was feeling her then The smart and the pretty, always get to me I always envision a history With each and every, each and every, in the past It's been equal parts beauty and backlash Leading me to Beaubien & Park Romanticizing this situation for days that truly tested my guard And I'm thinking about it a little more than I should She'll prolly never hear this but if so... I'm sure we could've got groovy Woke up in the morning, made you a fruit smoothie Or listen to your records, drinking coffee like water Before we headed back to the border, but It wasn't in the cards, or maybe it was i just knew the direction that you wanted to move and I wouldn't budge Now it's Montréal, overcast, catchin' my breath You almost took it for good, it's probably better that I left..
Why do I find romance in the plane crash? And why is it that I'm never content? How can the top of the world not be enough? Thought I was satiated but my actions called my bluff Why do I build, just to watch it all burn? Why do I think I'm exempt from it all? Why retreat to a notebook When I could just as easy go ahead and give my Earth a call? The Ooze, it started when I recorded with Logix And it was then that it dawned on me it was more than a name I don't acknowledge when I am at fault and honest- y's something I need to work on, the past i just cannot change I wish I could, but the future's all I can monitor-- See, this isn't a quick fix, and right now I'm in the thick of it, Heart is palpitating out my chest, and I've assessed that I'm corroding, I'm imploding, I'm a mess, and Outside that loft on Beaubien and Park? I never would have thought I would make the mistake I did Because that night I avoided what'd cause me torment Just to ignore that logic in the end And now it's crumbling before me My world, the foundation I built With the one I thought I'd hold onto through hell and back again But uh, that's wishful thinking, I wish it was more than that Unfortunately it isn't, and now I am sinking, fast Lover to pariah, I'm a fucker, I'm a liar White knuckles on the wheel, un-buckled, I'm going under It's a reminder, the plummet, to keep it honest I wasn't, I'm not the constant I wanted, I broke the promise And now I'm in open water, and quickly losing my confidence I just keep plunging farther, but drowning I won't allow it I gotta stop with these cowardice acts, better take an axe to The Ooze Because I never want to see it come back


released February 4, 2013

Executive Producer: Eddie Logix
All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Eddie Logix

Artwork: Nathan Bortz

Track 1 produced by High Funktose Corn Syrup
Track 2, 4 produced by Dr. B
Track 3 produced by Que-C
Track 5 produced by Eddie Logix |


all rights reserved