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Approaching Land


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Reeling Breathing heavily, feeling That all these walls are closing in and I'm kissing the ceiling Clenching fists, I'm receding Into something deceiving Been try'na steady out my balance just can't help careening I can tell that you're seething I can tell that you mean it And I can tell I'm all too close to the end of the scene, it's An unsettling sequence At least that's how I see it Unsure the reasoning behind how sudden the grievance I'm a lover but peep, it Isn't always the scenic Route you want to believe that it would be The one you'd frequent So unfortunately, it wasn't what you were perceiving Now the gravy is cold, MIA are the peaches And from here, the road isn't roses, but y'know, so be it It might unfold that it's more open and holding the secrets You were hoping to hone in on when the focus depleted Riding solo and letting go was just what was needed.. I knew it, you knew it too I mean, real talk: The good times? The ones that we had? They got me weak-kneed and wanting more Or maybe I'm pining for a time when it was all Free of this negative energy and venemous drawl I mean, wasn't it once? Shit, I seem to recall Floating above the clouds, never thinking we'd fall But then the rain, oh the rain, it would come And the game, it would change when it came in the form of a flood Searching for buoyancy, searching for clarity Searching for all of it, searching for everything And I'm assuming you know that I find it, lose it Defiant and diving smoothly in current I'm coming up on Burning all of these bridges, saving a few planks It's apparent I have a problem, a problem I can't shake Stick a stake in this half-truth devil, I'm done...
I've been searching for the sun And the outlook's gone bleak: milk curdled up in the corn flakes I grind my teeth while sleepwalking Walk turned to a jog, now I'm being told I'm speed sprinting through the fog I used to think that I was ten feet tall Coasting But at some point, the engine stalled And I started to see some leg room Creeping in ever slowly Tell me what hap' here, Matt Dear, ghostly Feeling like I had an understanding with my focus And now it's all bad like Chino? Lord, I try to keep positive But this life is full of strife and it's hard for me to even out the easel I've been feeling awful evil Overthinking isn't helping Drinking isn't, either, but whiskey isn't gonna put some sort of damper on the day Until the next is in effect And I'm a wreck Ric Flair, veins bulging out my neck
Truth Serum 01:53
Headed up to the roof Where I'm hoping to find truth See the questions keep coming Thwarting my simple pursuit What's a fella to do? World been hazy for a minute but the serum got it coming into view The moon gone blue Shit, the moon changed hue on cue I've dreamt of open route and at last I'm en route Sometimes life flows like a soda stream Other times logic goes twisted Pretzel Drifting ever further in the distance I'd rather not be aboard another sinking vessel So I'm doing my best to celebrate, catch breath Maybe get a bit of rest before I move along Do it little by little to minimize The white noise, coming on so strong Went from man to a shell Walked through hell but it's on with the show
That Noise 03:15
Been thinking 'bout things as the day dissipates to a blur Salvaging my sanity's tougher than I'd imagined it to be But I'm over that hurdle and I never thought that would occur For I started to believe that you done got the best of me See, once the water's out the well, You'll notice that you're a little thirsty And that's when I tend to get most most of the texts and the calls But if the well's refilled in the slightest, And this is what irks me, It starts dawning on you that you were never thirsty at all. I ain't having it I'm not having it, fuck that noise I ain't I ain't having it I'm not having it, no It don't matter what help you employ 'Cause I am not having it, fuck that noise
I'm having flashbacks I'm having flash forwards I'm in the fast lane dusting off the dashboard Mastered the pratfall but laughs didn't last long So off of the asphalt and back into rare form I do it how I do, no apology forthcoming All fun and games 'til I learned I'd been Off putting, hope fleeting, toss turning, same song Hot, sunny, cold and my nose running, rained on And on and on Now, arrival was belated With evolutions made in the rhythm that's demonstrated But it's all for the better now, part of the plan That I doubt I'll ever fully understand, approaching land Approaching Land from the outer sands Walked upon the fortunes of a foreign land Endured the plight of man Recite the teacher’s words on the other hand Just to feed my forebears and seed their foreheads Approaching Land from the outer bands Walked upon dreariness of sinking sands Addressed the fallen man Dressed in whale skins from out the belly of beast Sharpened my teeth From west to east Crept from out the bar bashed Po’ chalkin the starbender Codependent emotions and last wishes Dirt under my fingernails dust encoded my riches Watch heavy their eyes shiver me timbers Breathe deep, release the grimace Ignite the night to set a fire in my queen’s eyes Foreshortened on a chaise lounge Down my way now They shoppin loosies down in K-town But i’m okay now Since half a twenty I don’t play round I only play towns They say I’m blessed upon it They rest their heart and soul upon me like a chest of onyx My mind is hydroponic My hand’s a gin and tonic My pens a benzedrine The way it enter fiends Lung stream fulfill the dream I know it physically and mentally How they kill a man physically and mentally But don’t remember me Cuz I been dead since a child who first saw the evil in man Now just a ghost — Approaching Land
I've been lost in space and time Pretending everything is fine Fought underwater so long that I can't quite remember just how to unwind And that could be why, once I finally reach land I can't keep my feet planted in the beach sand The incline's steep Until I'm tightrope walking like Phillipe And I no longer feel so obsolete Can I keep my mind and body in synch Just long enough to see the clouds give way to the sun In the past, I've been done before I even begun So I ask, is this a flash in the pan Is it more of the same, Or a rebirth, phoenix from the flame? For as much as it would seem it's a brand new scene I'm obsessing, and left with a headful of questions...
Thin Comfort 03:26
I've been driving in circles Conducting sprawling monologues For me and me alone. I feel it helps to keep the peace, right? See, life's become such a series of blurs: Another she, another her, another we, another day, another week Another lover turn to, "Please shut the fuck up I don't want to hear you speak" And that's just how it seems to be Now, if an effort ever surfaced, maybe this would cease See, I've been known to stumble Some of my circuits scramble Honestly, most of 'em do, it's something I'm trying to handle But then I'm greeted with a fistful of cashews And now I can't stop thinking about another fistful of cashews Use me if you have to Fiend for fleeting passion What I wouldn't do for an impossible distraction It's thin comfort, though. I've been driving haphazardly And I'm running out of gas Time to find a new street or two Maybe I'm driving too fast... And this headache's building I was thrilled, I was saving these feelings, I was waiting for you, but you had other plans What a shame Front seat wide open, most baggage in the back And maybe that's where it starts: I can't commit to ever cleaning shit out of this car Then pitch a fit when people can't wedge their way in the door They get to walking, I start barking and wonder what for I can't afford another fistful of cashews All I'm trying to do is stop thinking about another fistful of cashews And yet, despite the hassle, Fiend for fleeting passion What I wouldn't do for an impossible distraction It's thin comfort, though.
Some days, I wake to ladybug kisses I love it when my ladybug visits I hit the snooze for syrupy sleep Then come to with a couple hot coffees in the kitchen And possibly a little smoke But if not, I'm still afloat Y'see, I never saw God in another's eyes Now that I have, what a sight to behold... Other days I wake to myriad stresses She's never been afflicted with depression, so Sometimes it gets hard to explain What I mean when I say that this idea of Leaving the house or the couch has me going insane Pleasure decimated by the pressure and pain But what's new? Just another hoop to jump through Criss-cross, back forth's all that I can seem to do, goddamn... Some nights the feeling is alright My pessimism isn't in sight I'm feeling larger than life, Like that one shirt that Uncle Dave gave me, Telling me the future is bright I always knew that it might be, Doing what I can to see light It's usually a hell of a fight But as far as tonight goes, it's a victory Sitting here, wondering how I let the little shit get to me? But other nights don't do me favors Other nights got me in the dumps It's hard to be the man and in command When you are stuck in a season long slump I'm fucking it all up, Buggin' like Phife's eyes Stuck in a dumb funk and feeling so pint-sized Ah, but what's new? Just another hoop to jump through Criss-cross, back forth's all that I can seem to do, goddamn...
Rising Water 03:31
Good posture is a lost cause And his pipe smoke Is the only thing keeping him balanced on an ever-thinning tightrope Cloaked in a blanket of grey that's here to stay And the thought of resting them bones has been ushered away That's the way the dice roll Some days you win, and some days you fold Sometimes, there is nowhere for you to go Except left to deal with rising water on your own Where are my heroes? They're all gone. Chasing girls around trees 'til the rain came, Tried to interrupt it But love wouldn't allow any weather to disrupt them He found a partner to lay bricks with And tried to keep calm but the unrest would never subside Now, despite how it seems, He raised a family long enough to see them all leave No time to grieve, though, believe See, the level of the sea Ain't concerned with all those that have left you be Even if the clouds aren't covering the sun It'd be foolish to think all this work was fun On his rooftop, laying these bricks one by one For the one's in the know know the work's never done And that's the way the dice roll: Some days you win and some days you fold Sometimes, there is nowhere for you to go Except left to deal with rising water on your own
I raise a toast to the rejects Then boast on my regrets And contemplate on consequences that I cannot see yet Rocking with this 9 to 5 until I see emcee checks But am I living my life a lie for accolades and respect Don’t dance around the question don’t you deflect I still envision catching rhymthym live on your TV set I’m sitting with some liquor mixing shit I ain’t release yet How could I stop when I ain’t reach my peak yet I still got dreams Of racking up 100 million streams And women filling fitted denim busting out the seams All lining up to line my bank account with plenty green But it’s funny how my life keep finding ways to intervene I’m setting up to settle down With a wife that want stability And I don’t wanna be the type to let her down I need my pockets thicker than a triple feather down With a narrow window to win I’m chasing my blessing now But which way To the payoff Play it safe and work your way into a layoff Pick a side Do or die Roll the dice yo Sacrificing but you still don’t know the price bro I've got a head full of stress Just trying to make the best Of what's left And now I find myself, once again, At a fork in the road I'm monologuing, tipping dominoes and cracking the codes Spinning plates, wondering what is life For my next trick, I'm gonna turn a fork to a butter knife Because I mean, as much as I've been thinking the road splits I'm slowly understanding it's illusion to omit And that looks to be the only way to approach it Moving right along Now you see it and now you don't...
Cool cucumber chilling Drinking all your porters Superstitious, himalayan salt over my shoulders Now all that I can do is let it breathe some Feeling good, and really we've just begun Addressing cornballs like, be gone Live from The Barracks and the beyond Heavy hitters watching the weak hop, skip, jump and freefall While lightweights are quick to get ejected from their seesaws Hype when it matters most I invite any other animal to challenge this mighty, mighty matador Loving the double duty, son of a human cannonball Look at me, look at me, an intergalactic vagabond Low vibes don't fly Not to get on my soapbox, But my crew's fire so I'm always shouting OPA! Ghost out the spot without an au revoir Forever how we do it and forever we don't stop...


released March 1, 2019

All songs produced by Curt Cataract
All lyrics by Mister unless otherwise noted

Cuts by DJ Downstroke
Guitar on I'm Not The One by Paul Laventhol
Guitar on Truth Serum by Stutterfingers
Voicemail on My Love Is Away by Dani Dean

Artwork by HRVB:
Design/Layout by Mister
Mister vocals recorded by Eddie Logix in Detroit, MI
Additional Mister vocals recorded by Justin Weiss and Brian Woodring
Mixed and Mastered by Curt Cataract at Tesselated Sound

In memory of Ken 'Dark Greenn' Gardner



all rights reserved



MISTER Detroit, Michigan

- est. 2008 -

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